Beginner Classes

Our beginner classes are available for dancers ages 10 – adult and are held at the That’s Dancing Dance Studio in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Dancers may wear comfortable clothing to class and are expected to dance in ghillies, though they may use ballet, jazz shoes, or socks while waiting on ghillies to arrive. Tuition is $5 per class for a single student and $7.50 for a family group of 2 or more dancers. Students are encouraged to arrive with enough time to change shoes and stretch prior to class beginning.

Beginner summer session will be on Wednesday nights (7:30-8:15pm) from May 13th-June 24th.

Due to Covid 19 our beginner session for this summer will be held online with a live class every Wednesday.

E-mail Hannah at: for more information or to save a spot in the class.

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